5 new ideas for renovating a home with ceramics

Posted on 2022/03/03

5 new ideas for renovating a home with ceramics


The home increasingly needs to take the role of a sanctuary, and architects and interior designers are taking note and incorporating natural materials, harmonious colors and organic shapes into their projects. Warm tones, finishes with soft textures and imperfect shapes are in vogue when it comes to renovating a home. The habitat sector is aware of  this and offers a multitude of construction materials, furniture and textiles that facilitate the creation of spaces capable of responding to this demand.


Room decorated with soft terracotta coloured clays in a Mediterranean style.

 Clay Works


We are going to give you some keys to take into account when thinking about a new home project with ceramics as the main character.


Organic terracotta 


Earth tones are sun-kissed, organic and very natural. They encompass warm, burnished and rusty tones. In fact, they are called burnished sunset because of the sunset effect they bring to spaces, making them cozy and nourishing.

This color is very versatile and works well in different ranges and applications, from kitchens to furniture and surfaces, both hard and soft.



Cocina y mobiliario silla color terracota.

VenetaCucine  -  Lemamobili 


Cuarto de baño decorado con cerámica color terracota.

Argile Cotto - Equipe




The high and low tones with saturated color nuances stand out above all in bathroom environments. Warm blue shades dominate the spaces and add a striking touch to the rest of the range. These color clashes reach the ceramics and bathroom industry with striking tones and sharp contrasts. Warm blue, powder pink and orange, sunny yellow and sage green are the key players in assembling the ultimate color palette for surfaces, furniture and accessories. The result is often cozy and familiar, with a contemporary twist.


Espacio de cuarto de baño decorado con distintos colores terracota y verde musgo.

Arblu  -  ApeGrupo


Ultra matt 


Matt finishes convey a feeling of softness both to the eye and to the touch. This soft look expands into everything related to the habitat, be it surfaces, furniture or accessories. The powdered aesthetic accompanied by neutral tones creates a compact and pleasant visual narrative, making them one of the best options for refurbishing a home.


Dormitorio de estilo mediterráneo colores arena y naturales

Bateig Verona - ARKLAM


Micro textures 


Surfaces focus on micro-patterns with fine linear and subtle geometric patterns. These designs enhance tactility through small and delicate geometric textures. In ceramics, the superimposition of frames or engraved patterns on surfaces can even create a tone-on-tone effect.


Cuarto de baño de porcelánico blanco mate con microtextura

Mitica y Naveta -Grespania


Floral patterns 


There is a clear trend towards the use of large, densely repeated tropical flower patterns that bloom in all sorts of sizes and illustrations.

This decorative option is particularly suited to colorful interiors with a penchant for maximalism. When subtly placed, they can create very elegant and natural atmospheres. On a large scale, they are very suitable for hospitality environments.


Ambiente de salón elegante con motivos florales

Elyseum - Colorker




One of the advantages of ceramics is that the latest printing technologies can masterfully recreate the most expensive marbles in the natural stone sector. The size of the ceramic tile is such that it can even be mistaken for natural marble to the eye and touch. Bright colors give the ceramic tiles a hyper-realistic touch. Onyx and its variations, as well as alabaster and jade, are perfect, highly seductive marbles.

The ceramics industry provides collections of marbles with high decorative value for both home renovations and public establishments.



Espacio de cocina muy contemporáneo con grandes losas de mármol cerámico

Viola-Blue XTONE

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