The project

Currently, the ceramic sector does not have a unique space where to show its news and innovations easily and intuitively to prescribers and possible ceramic users. Each company has a web page and each one shows and classifies the ceramic product differently, making it difficult to find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

ITC designs and builds a web platform financed by GVA IVACE, to offer an attractive, intuitive and functional ceramic space designed to promote ceramics and facilitate the search for ceramic products before the purchase process.

An online platform that compiles the news and innovations in ceramic products from the Spanish sector, TO FACILITATE THE SEARCH AND PROMOTE the sale of ceramic wall and floor tiles to the user-consumer/prescriber.

About us

In its first phase, MindTile counted on the collaboration of a small group of brands from the ceramic sector: Azteca, Cevica, Azuvi, Keraben, IberoCasainfinita, Grespania, Metropol, WOW, Coverlam, Exagres, Lamiker, Auténtica, Dune, Azuliber and Bestile Bellacasa.

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