Which are the right tiles for the bathroom walls?

Posted on 2022/01/05

North-Showroom. ARGENTA


4 tips for choosing bathroom tiles


When choosing ceramic tiles as a facing material for bathroom walls, you need to choose the most durable material option. So, answering the question of which tiles are the most suitable for bathroom walls, we could just say "the one you like the most", but we would like to go a little further, because with such a wide variety and so many specifications, there is indeed a tile for every need and it is difficult to decide from among so many different choices.


We should know that, in terms of durability, ceramic tiles have a very good performance, are easy to maintain and we usually replace them for aesthetics rather than for wear and tear. Actually, ceramic tiles can more than double the lifespan of other common materials, such as laminate or vinyl.


Spacious bathroom space with tiles imitating wood strips

Wire Nogal. Saloni


Choosing tiles can be a bit complicated at first, but if we invest some time looking for inspiration both on the internet and in stores, we will be able to fine-tune the taste or needs for the work we want to start.


There are many different ways to choose tiles. To simplify this post, we are proposing 4 sections:


White body ceramic, red body ceramic or porcelain tile? 


Let's go back to the initial question - Which are the right tiles for the bathroom walls? This should not be a concern in homes; all three options are high quality. Aesthetically, there are no evident differences and technically they all meet all the necessary requirements for a residential bathroom installation.


We would like to show you 3 similar environments, each with a different type of body. Do you dare to classify them? It is difficult to get it right, but this is not important in our case, anyway.


Bathroom ambience with relief tiles and porcelain wood

Verse Art Cream. Keraben


Bathroom tiled in large cream-coloured stone tiles.

Ground Terra Guess. Azteca


Bathroom ceramics with ash-coloured stone graphics.

Byblos ceniza. Saloni


Small bathrooms 


“Small" bathrooms have the advantage of needing less material, but we need to find the right model so that we can see the idea we have in mind expressed in a few meters. In these cases, small pieces allow for creativity through a multitude of formats, colors and effects. However, focusing only on small tiles can be a mistake since, depending on the style of the project, we should not fail to consider a larger format allowing large graphics and fewer joints. We can also go for light colors, even white, to bring brightness and spaciousness to small bathrooms while adding a special touch to the flooring by choosing a contrasting color or a more eye-catching graphic.


Dark hexagonal tiles with an eye-catching touch in the yellow joint.

Gallery Dark. Argenta


Elegant bathroom with fluted white ceramic tiles.

 Stripes Dove Drops. WOW


Integrated bathrooms 


As with kitchens and living rooms, bathrooms can share space with rest areas, such as the master bedroom. In these cases, we must consider the design line of both and then create a single space. As in the case of kitchens, both the furniture and the ceramic materials must share a common thread in terms of style. The bathroom ceramics will be minimally reflected in the bedroom, and the furniture will be minimally reflected in the bathroom.


Bedroom with en-suite bathroom decorated in porcelain wood

Devon. Parker


Bedroom with en-suite bathroom decorated with ceramic tiles imitating marble.

Kronos. Todagres


All white, all black 


Two contrasting options are available if we are inspired by monochromatic colors. White bathrooms work very well both if the space is small or large. The light is intensified and if we choose a soft tone, it will come off as very warm. In interior design, white is an easy canvas for decorating, it is risk-free and fits many styles of furniture and furnishings.





Rustic country-style bathroom decorated all in white

Amazonia Artic. Estudio Cerámico


Bathroom decorated with white ceramic with geometric relief.

Superwhite Zeta Matt. Keraben


Alternatively, we can go for a dark ceramic, which is intimate and tremendously attractive. Black, navy blue, green ... are colors that create very elegant spaces, both on walls and floors, as well as in the furniture and decorative accessories.


Bathroom furniture black glossy and matt small format

Duo-graphite. WOW


Bathroom with large-format imitation stone ceramics in grey.

Tecnica Black. Azuvi


Bathroom, with small midnight blue tiles.

Trending Colors. Cevica


By choosing ceramics, we are investing in a natural, safe, sustainable, recyclable, resistant and easy to install material. In addition, we are insulating the space from humidity, since the tile surface is completely waterproof and it is not therefore stained or attacked by cleaning products, making it very easy to clean and maintain.


Ceramic brands made in Spain make a great effort to meet strict standards of quality, safety and sustainability at Spanish, European and global level.


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