The best ceramics in the world at Coverings 2022

Posted on 2022/03/28

One of the world's most important ceramics events is coming: the American Coverings fair, which will be held from 5 to 8 April in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

There are many Spanish ceramic firms participating in the 2022 edition, and we at MindTile we would like to give you a glimpse of what is new in the market this year.


A great global showcase  


The most influential ceramics fair in the United States is also one of the most important destinations for Spanish brands. Coverings is a great global window for ceramic manufacturers to showcase new collections and designs; undoubtedly a great opportunity to surprise visitors with innovative designs.

Coverings 2022 will host the world's best ceramics in a 4-day event. Visitors will be able to find different options to inspire their future projects. In addition, the 'Spanish Pavilion' will bring together the country's leading ceramics manufacturers in one place.


Trends at Coverings 2022 


Let us share with you some of the new features that we will be able to enjoy at the fair:


COCO Equipe en Coverings 2022

COCO Equipe

A soft chromatic range of 8 subtle colors, very elegant and with a great decorative character. Available in gloss and matt finish.


Hauteville AZUVI en Coverings 2022

Hauteville AZUVI

A very elegant collection in three colors: white, cream and grey, with different prints that can be easily combined.


Tropical Tapano Cerámicas Aparici en Coverings 2022

Tropical Tapano Cerámicas Aparici

A colorful tile that will fill any space with life.


Tender Cevica en Coverings 2022

Tender Cevica

Innovative shapes and surprising colours in a unique style, with the possibility of choosing the most suitable combination according to the needs of each user.


Premiere Colorquer en Coverings 2022

Premiere Colorquer

The ceramic reformulation of slate reaches a different level, bringing surfaces full of nuances. Available in both cooler and warmer ranges.


Agadir, Baikal y Heller DUNE en Coverings 2022

Agadir, Baikal and Heller DUNE

This wall tile provides transgressive beauty on an irregular surface, as well as the cool touch of marble and an elegant decorative porcelain basin.


Fior di bosco Keraben en Coverings 2022

Fior di bosco Keraben

A modern and innovative finish that will bring a distinguished and select touch to every environment.


Laurent Saloni en Coverings 2022

Laurent Saloni

Porcelain floor in black color, anticatto finish and smooth touch.


Jackson Todagres en Coverings 2022

Jackson Todagres

Boldness and freshness, a very suggestive and evocative collection with lines of eclectic colors and shapes.


Roors y Moodboard Woow en Coverings 2022

Roors and Moodboard Woow

Sophistication and innovation to decorate any room with a natural touch.


Matter ZYX en Coverings 2022

Matter ZYX

Exclusive pieces arising from the latest trends in design, materialized in ceramic creativity, with a multitude of lines and shapes.


Rosa Persia Arklam en Coverings 2022

Rosa Persia Arklam

With a sophisticated rock-shaped design, it brings naturalness and life to a room.


Alma Bestile en Coverings 2022

Alma Bestile

A combination of tradition, romanticism and new technologies, which gives the environments a handcrafted and elegant touch. Traditional effects are fused with a unique shine, exceptional textures and  timeless delicacy.


Distrito Coverlam en Coverings 2022

Distrito Coverlam

Featuring different formats and colors such as aluminum, corten, ivory or zinc.


Terma Grespania en Coverings 2022

Terma Grespania

A collection which reflects the passing of time while providing unimaginable beauty. Unique, elegant and full of richness.


These are some of the trends that Spanish ceramic manufacturers will be exhibiting at Coverings 2022. If you are attending the American ceramics fair, you can request more information about their collections directly from the Spanish pavilion. 

Remember that at MindTile we have a Made in Spain ceramics search engine that will also help you find new atmospheres to inspire you in your future projects.

If you need any further information, please contact us through our contact form.

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