Porcelain tiles for swimming pools: unbeatable!

Posted on 2022/05/26



It is innovation and technology that have positioned ceramic products as the unbeatable option when it comes to selecting the material for cladding swimming pool areas.

In this post, we are focusing on what we know as the swimming pool beach area, that which surrounds the construction once it is finished and which has to be perfectly integrated with the rest of the environment.


Piscina Estilo tropical de porcelánico. Ambiente ZYX

Both atmospheres of ZYX 


Why do we say that porcelain tiles for swimming pools are an unbeatable option? 


Because of their performance and technical characteristics. Here are the 10 most important ones:


  • Uniform and tactile finishing. Its smooth textures make ceramic paving the most comfortable alternative to walk barefoot on.


  • Extraordinary resistance to moss, mold and sudden changes in temperature.


  • High resistance to chemical attack, so that it does not discolor or change its appearance with acids and aggressive cleaning products or water treatment.


  • Low porosity (below 0.5%).Besides, if it is glazed, its exposed face is totally impermeable, so it stains much less. Its impermeability also makes it the most hygienic material.


  • Anti-slip characteristics from a huge range of models, thanks to the latest production technologies.


  • High breakage resistance.


  • It does not require insistent maintenance and is very easy to clean.


  • The same design can be used to cover the pool shell, the beach area and the rest of the environment, even the façade, thus achieving a captivating and balanced overall effect.


  • Perfect adaptability to any space and corner, personal style or need.


  • Aesthetically, the soft, light tones and natural finishes cause the ceramics to recreate a climate of absolute relaxation. However, special attention must be paid to dark colors because of their ability to absorb heat, as it can make walking barefoot uncomfortable. The new XXL formats are installed with fewer joints, providing a great sensation of continuity.


Piscinas porcelánico

Atmosphere of CEVICA - BOOM


Quality and design at the service of water environments.


The anti-slip porcelain tiles in the Spanish ceramic sector are the most advanced in terms of compliance with European quality standards, and safety in the anti-slip environment through strict compliance with the Spanish standard UNE-ENU 12600:2003 (Class 3, Rd > 45).


Nowadays, we can choose from an endless number of designs, from the most classic to the most avant-garde, and from those imitating other materials such as natural stone, wood, cement...


Porcelánico para piscinas. Exagres

Atmosphere of EXAGRES - Boreal Arena


Piscina PorcelanicoExagres - Gresan Onix


In short, porcelain tile is the most versatile, elegant and safe resource when it comes to covering our swimming pools. The decision is not choosing among the different materials, but just choosing the brand and model.

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