Porcelain stoneware: Everything you need to know

Posted on 2021/10/05


Is Porcelain Tile the best choice for my home? We are going to tell you everything you need to know before making your decision.


Everything you need to know about Porcelain Tile 


When we consider the materials for a new or refurbished building, many insecurities may arise, and this is something normal. Sometimes it is due to a lack of knowledge about the materials we should choose. Defining the aesthetics is relatively easy, because we have an infinite number of images on the internet that inspire us to mentally create the final character of the work. When it comes to materials, however, that is a different story, because they not only transmit design, but also provide technical characteristics which are very important if you want them to maintain their good appearance over the years.


Baño suit abuhardillado con suelo de madera cerámica


What is Porcelain Stoneware? 


Porcelain stoneware is a multi-purpose, decorative, clean, safe and very durable ceramic material with very low water absorption and high resistance to breakage. The exposed face of the tile is what we see once it has been installed, and it can be both glazed and decorated or not. In addition, it is usual to incorporate a relief that complements the decoration of the tile, thus adding realism and naturalness to the stone or wood graphics.




The great variety of formats available is one of the advantages when choosing this ceramic material. The characteristics of Porcelain Stoneware make it possible to manufacture pieces ranging from small to large XXL formats.


Espectacular cocina con mármol cerámico pulido de vetas doradas




As far as design and color are concerned, we will find an infinite number of proposals and chromatic ranges on the market, which are presented every year at the different trade fairs. In this sense, the Spanish ceramics sector has a strong presence at both Cevisama and Cersaie. Using the MindTile Explorer, you can consult the latest innovations on show.




Ejemplos de baldosas de colores de gres porcelánico.



Its high resistance is probably one of the advantages compared to other non-ceramic materials: It is not easily scratched and it also resists chemical agent attacks. Because of this, it is very well considered in such demanding spaces as bathrooms, kitchens, terraces, swimming pools and façades.


Terraza exterior de piscina decorada con gres porcelánico de gráfica de piedra gris oscuro




Another key aspect when choosing materials is cleanliness. This will have a lot to do with the type of surface finish. Depending on where it is going to be installed, whether it is in a space in contact with water or not, the surface will have a soft or subtle dry feel. Brands have invested research efforts to ensure that slip safety does not penalize ease of cleaning.


Salón con suelo de porcelánico de fácil limpieza.




The installation of porcelain stoneware is well known to the professional tile installer and does not entail excessive difficulties. It adheres very well to cement and other materials, which makes it very easy to install.


Other advantages and applications 


As we have already mentioned, porcelain stoneware adopts aesthetics that are in line with the latest trends in home design. In addition to high quality standards, Spanish brands offer a large number of designs that combine perfectly with other materials in the project.

As we recently explained in the post about ceramic woods, the proposals offered by Spanish brands adapt to all kinds of decoration styles. The collections cover a wide range of colors and formats, thus facilitating the integration with the general style of the project. Gres Porcelánico wood tiles are warm even to the touch, providing a natural wood tactile sensation. 

Post ceramic woods

In the post on kitchens, we have seen how contemporary proposals use large formats decorated with marble or metal graphics, thus facilitating the construction of spectacular islands with an integrated cooking area.

Post kitchens

Living the outdoor space as an indoor one is one of the latest trends in terrace design. Architects or interior designers are proposing the same material for both interior and exterior, and this is possible because porcelain stoneware adapts its characteristics without altering its appearance. Spanish brands include a version of the model adapted to outdoor spaces.

Post outdoor space


Architects and interior designers are the main users of this material for their projects, as it allows them to unify spaces using the same model as a ceramic skin throughout the project. In this way, the ceramic is fully integrated with both design and architecture.

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