Ceramics and commercial interior design

Posted on 2022/11/30

Image: Cevica_Puzzle


Retail interior design has evolved to create highly attractive and innovative spaces. Technology has a direct impact on the shopping experience and physical spaces must adapt.

Differentiating and creating the right atmosphere with the product in mind without neglecting the customer is sometimes complicated, but with the help of professionals and by choosing materials capable of accompanying the project, it can be a surmountable challenge.

As in the home, there are different styles of interior design, and these must accompany the corporate brand, providing the differentiating factor and improving the shopping experience.

Ceramics can play an important role in the construction of these unique spaces, especially because there is a model for every style or need.

Here are 4 examples of interior design in commercial spaces:

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Nurturing spaces 


The concept of comforting design takes on deeper layers of meaning and is a style widely used by brands. Spaces use soft, rounded shapes to reinforce the feeling of protection. Natural materials, curved contours and a cosy feel are combined with a warm palette, which features touches of colour through a soft sheen effect.


Cerámica de WOW


Visto en Elledecor The Jacquemus store within Galeries Lafayette Haussmann Benoit Florençon, Courtesy of AMO


Cerámica de WOW


Rebellious minimalism 


Exuberance as a differentiating touch enters very well into visual merchandising, creates impact and is very striking for the client. It is a style that maintains the appeal of colour, geometry and volume of maximalist trends, but with a clear direction towards minimalism.

It is an opportunity to create fun and energetic spaces, but with a touch of softness. The colours are represented in a simple, solid and untextured way, maintaining the play of contrasts.


Visto en Puntofilipino: Proyecto atelier gastronomía expuesta


Equipe - Bauhome


The Gallery 


The shop, inspired by Art Galleries, transmits a rigorous order, is relaxed and invites to a slow and relaxed experience. This style of commercial interior design is very interesting to build narratives beyond the product on sale. The beauty and uncluttered spaces invite you to make a more relaxed visit and invest more time.


Visto en SayArchitects


Bestile - Eunoia


The materialic shop 


Texture is a key approach to adding visual interest to spaces with a simple material palette. Natural, warm and neutral colours are widely used in this type of interior design. The textures of materials are of interest and play an important role in conveying the sensations of nature. Graphics such as warm cements or stone combined with steel add a differentiating touch to this widely used style.


Visto en SayArchitects Tienda multimarca que utiliza diferentes materiales de forma armonizada



El interiorismo comercial contribuye a crear la atmosfera idónea para el cliente, mejorando la experiencia de compra, la diferenciación frente a la competencia y ayuda a crear identidad corporativa.

En este sentido, la cerámica es un producto sostenible que además, ofrece beneficios de bienestar más allá de la estética y la funcionalidad.

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