Casa Decor 2022: the bath, a more daring and personal space

Posted on 2022/04/29

Photo: Arklam-A bathroom with marble inspired by the Taj Mahal-MindTile


Casa Decor Madrid becomes every year the stage for the most interesting proposals in decoration and interior design in our country. A great showcase is built to display the new trends in interior design and decoration that this year, on the occasion of its 30th anniversary, returns to the emblematic building on Calle Goya where it began.   


The bathroom is transformed and filled with intense colors 


One of the most striking trends at Casa Decor is the commitment to intense colors in bathrooms. While the main interior designers choose neutral tones in other rooms, bathrooms are filled with penetrating blues, bright reds or daring darks, as in the proposals of Virginia Albuja or Virginia Sánchez


Photo: Lupe Clemente for Casa Decor 2022. Proposal of Virginia Sánchez. 


The aims of this trend 


What is the aim of this style, which many describe as provocative? The answer is straightforward: to requalify bathrooms, to re-conceptualize them. They are no longer merely functional rooms, but totally personal spaces where everyone can experience their own wellbeing. The bathroom then turns into something very intimate, into an emotional sanctuary, to into a wellness bath.


This is what those intense, powerful colors work for, forming contrasts, sometimes impregnating two different ambiences, one functioning as a dressing room and the other as the bathroom.


Photo: Lupe Clemente for Casa Decor 2022. Proposal of Virginia Albuja. 


The tile responds 


The ceramic tile sector responds with character to these trends. One example is WOW, present at Casa Decor, with bold bathroom collections, using colors such as cobalt, emerald, wine or graphite. 


Colection ZELLIGE HEXA of WOW 


WOW, always attentive to color trends, has ended up creating its own image and style, very recognizable, supported by very characteristic finishes in combination with the latest manufacturing technologies. Here we show a sample of their SIX collection, in an intense coral shade, or ZELLIGE HEXA, in a penetrating graphite.


While planning your time to visit Casa Decor, you can see more novelties that respond to this trend at MindTile.




Estudio Cerámico 




You can visit Casa Decor until 22 May, Sundays and public holidays included, and discover the lifestyles proposed by our leading designers and interior designers.


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