Bathroom tile combinations: The art of ceramics

Posted on 2021/10/29


The art of ceramics 


According to the latest habitat trend studies, bathrooms have become a personal refuge. There is a lot of talk about sanctuary spaces, although in most cases the dimensions are not big enough to stage the proposals offered on the internet. But ceramic materials offer the possibility to turn a small space into an attractive place to relax in a natural way.


Bathroom with small golden tiles, combined with black marble.



Why not going deeper into the universe of the small format through the art of ceramics?


It is important to plan before starting, since bathroom renovation is an investment both in time and money. Therefore, the first thing to do is to choose the style that suits the home and the people who live in it. Once the style has been chosen, we are ready to look for the type of tile that best suits the idea of the project.


Bathroom with small white tile imitating calacatta marbleWOW - Gea Carved Calacatta


Sometimes this type of tile is considered artisanal or artistic because it uses an aesthetic which is reminiscent of handmade ceramics. Although many brands use industrial methods, they still convey that handmade feeling. On the other hand, we still find workshops which maintain craftsmanship techniques for the creation of tiles.


Two stylish and contemporary white tiled bathrooms.



Small-format ceramics are suitable for all styles of interior design, playing with size, shape and color. Dark and metallic tones bring a touch of luxury to the space, while soft tones with earthy and natural tones entice calm and take us back to nature.


Small tiles make it easy to get our creativity going by composing with the color of the collections to create cheerful, personal spaces. Ceramic has the power to influence your mood with geometric, colorful designs, while the update of the so-called hydraulic tiles allows you to compose cheerful spaces without losing the calmness of contemporary lines.


Two bathroom ideas with terracotta tilesEquipe-Exagres


The essence of the urban rustic style is simplicity, naturalness and the raw look of the materials used. It is a style in which ceramics are presented in their most honest facet yet keeping the appeal of color and form. The color palette and the craftsmanship touch define this type of tile. When it comes to combining these tiles with other materials, they coexist very well with stone, wood or cement for more contemporary proposals.


Elegant bathroom with tile tiles in tile-coloured tiles with a marked volume.



Finally, minimalism in the bathroom is more than just a style of decoration, it is a way of understanding and simplifying all aspects of our life to give it more meaning and improve well-being. Ceramics tiles respond to this demand with collections that invite the silky touch of the surface. Designs with pure lines accompanied by soft light colors mark the collections which were recently presented at Cersaie’21.


Baño con azulejos verdes inspirados en la naturaleza.

Estudio Cerámico - ZYX


"The good work of Spanish brands offers tiles to compose bathroom combinations through the art of ceramics".

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